Free WiFi on Delta Flights

If you happen to fly frequently with Delta Airlines, you might enjoy my recent finding. I just flew back from my vacation yesterday on a Delta flight from Atlanta to San Jose (SJC) and found an easy way to get free wifi for any of your iOS devices.

Note, this might work for all devices including your laptop but I only tried it from my iPhone and iPad.

How to get free WiFi on Delta Airline Flights?

  1. Connect to the gogoinflight wifi
  2. Open your browser of choice and try to access any website. The gogo website will automatically open.
    gogo website
  3. Select Watch for Free and the movie and TV selection will open up.
    gogo movies
  4. Select any movie or TV show and hit the Watch Now button.
    gogo watch now
  5. Fill in the CAPTCHA and hit submit. You are now connected to the gogo Wifi and all messaging apps should work and also your emails.gogo captcha

If the internet connection stops working, just re-run the steps above and you’ll get reconnected to the internet.

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