Nimble Storage Fibre Channel

On Monday, November 17th, Nimble Storage announced official Fibre Channel support. This is another big milestone achieved by the team at Nimble. Fibre Channel will be available for the CS300, CS500 and CS700. The CS210 and CS215 will not be supported.



Below are some screenshots of what’s new in the WebUI:


As you can see above, fc9 and fc10 are the FC ports on both controllers. Hovering over those ports will show the location of them.



Additionally, the Initiator Groups have been modified to accommodate WWPNs


Adding new WWPNs is as easy as we’re used to it from the iSCSI initiator.


Overall, nothing special has been added to the WebUI. Everything has been kept simple as we expected and as we love the nimble device. This is most certainly opening up a bigger market share for Nimble Storage.

Over the next days, I’ll provide more details about Nimble’s FC integration

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