InfoSight – Manage Case Creation Efficiently

Nimble Storage’s InfoSight changes how storage administrators manage and monitor their arrays in today’s environment. InfoSight includes many great features for free. Just to mention a few, the Assets tab provides a basic overview of your array’s storage and cache utilization as well as it’s configured pro-active health mechanisms. The Capacity tab shows the current usage as well as projected usage for the upcoming weeks.

Today, we’ll cover how to manage case creation through InfoSight’s Wellness tab.

By default Nimble Storage creates pro-actively cases for any condition on the array which causes an issue or could potentially cause headache for the storage administrator. However, not all pro-active cases might be important to you. If you want to get a list of all pro-active cases which are available on InfoSight, please follow the steps as shown below.

Note: Unchecking a condition equals disabling it.

Please login to Nimble Storage’s InfoSight and go to the Wellness Tab. .


When clicking on Case Creation Options, you’ll get an overview of all case creation conditions and can either set a snooze period or disable them.

Note: Snooze Period indicates after how many days a new case for an existing problem will be created. If Snooze Period has been set to 1, this will create a new case every day until the actual problem has been resolved.

Manage Case Creation


Basically, InfoSight is a great all-in-one tool which even allows you manage Nimble Storage’s pro-active case creation more efficiently. My next post will be about common log files on your ESXi host and how you can use them to your benefit while troubleshooting.