The Future of Application Deployment: Exploring AWS App Runner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has consistently been at the forefront of cloud computing technology, delivering game-changing services that help developers, system administrators, and companies simplify and accelerate application deployment. However, for a long time, AWS had no simple service to just launch a containerized app. Of course, there’s spinning up an EKS cluster, and launching a Fargate task but with AWS App Runner, this becomes even easier. It is the path to automating and simplifying application deployment.

What is AWS App Runner?

Launched in 2021, AWS App Runner is a fully managed service designed to streamline the process of deploying containerized applications and APIs, no matter the scale. The primary goal of this service is to abstract the intricate, often time-consuming orchestration and infrastructure management tasks away from developers, letting them focus more on coding and less on deployment logistics.

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