VMworld 2015 – Summary

Ready For Any was the slogan of #VMworld 2015 at Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.
This was my first VMworld and I wasn’t sure what to expect besides long days and lots of events for #vExperts.

When reflecting on my first VMworld, the following comes to my mind:

Wow… This was even bigger than I envisioned it…

It was probably my first thought when the doors opened to the Solution Exchange on Sunday at 4:00PM. Every vendor who somehow integrates with VMware was represented and it was great to see >50% of all vendors to be a storage vendors with unique products and solutions.



The folks who know me, know that I am working with VMware since ESX 3.5 and with data storage since 2010. It is great to see so many storage companies at the Solution Exchange. From major players like EMC & NetApp to startups like #DatriumStorage and PrimaryData, everyone was there. Additionally, hundreds of vExperts and thousands of IT experts were attending this years events. Overall more than 24.000 attendees. Come on…how cool is this?



The majority of the time I spent at the Datrium Storage booth and was part of the booth crew:

Brian Biles, Matt Jacobs, Devin Hamilton, Jan Schwoebel, Huy Duong, Jim Grua, Patrick Haverty, Anique Coffee, Wen Yu

It was a great experience to talk to other attendees and explain how Datrium Storage is different and what makes as unique. The story is so simple that the majority of the visitors got the message right away, without going into too much technical detail.

Besides my booth duty, I had the pleasure of meeting many of my fellow vExperts, over 120 vExperts stopped by and were interested in what we have to offer. We also had some well-known bloggers at our booth, Cormac Hogan was one of them:

Myself, Wen Yu, Cormac Hogan

Here are some additional photos of VMworld 2015 

Best car at a booth
Best entertainment at a booth
Best T-Shirt
Great live music at SDS party


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