The time has come – Datrium DVX Is GA

Today, Datrium Storage announced general availability for their Datrium DVX. In a previous blog post, I covered What Makes The Datrium DVX Unique

If you remember previous articles, Datrium Storage is the first company to split performance and capacity in an inexpensive and manageable way.

Each host requires at least one SSD, which can be used to run Datrium data services but will mainly be used for sever-local cache reads. Additionally, Datrium will use a number of CPU cores of each host for performance scaling. As you add more hosts to a DVX, the DVX will be able to support more IOPS. A single host can support up to 30,000 IOPS (32KB). With 32 hosts in a DVX, your total IOPS could be up to 1M for a list price of $125,000.

The Datrium NetShelf (D12X4) holds 12x 4TB drives for capacity and has 2x 10GBase-T and 2x 10GB SFP+ connectors. With dedupe and compression, you’ll see 60TB – 180TB effective capacity.

datrium dvx frontSome of the features of the Datrium DVX are:

  • Always-on deduplication and compression
    • Don’t worry about turning it on or off, it’s always on
  • VM clone offloads via VAAI integration
    • Offload your Horizon View linked clones and vCenter clone & deploy from template operations to the Datrium DVX for lightning fast clones.
  • NetShelf RAID6
    • Special RAID6 to ensure maximum data reliability

The most interesting part about the Datrium DVX, besides the ability to bring your own servers and SSDs, is the way how you manage your storage. Did I say manage storage? With the Datrium DVX, you never have to manage your storage again. VMware vMotion is your new friend. If a VM doesn’t get the performance it needs, simply use vMotion to migrate the VM to a different host in the Datrium DVX. If you think about upgrading your performance, just add additional hosts with SSDs. There is no need to upgrade the Datrium NetShelf controllers or any other part on the NetShelf.

The Datrium DVX supports vSphere 5.5 and 6.0 and is listed on VMware’s NAS HCLdatrium nas hcl

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