Pipedrive and Zendesk Integration

If your Customer Service System and your Sales CRM are separated it is important to integrate the systems. Without a proper integration either your Sales or Customer Service team might be missing important informations. This free Pipedrive and Zendesk integration will help you solve this issue.

Recently I had to use Zendesk as our customer success system and Pipedrive as our Sales CRM. I have worked with Salesforce for the past 6-8 years and love it. Moving to Zendesk and Pipedrive was quiet a bit of change for me. While these two systems are cheaper than Salesforce they do have a couple of drawbacks. When I started out with both systems I was looking for a Pipedrive and Zendesk integration and came across the official Pipedrive plugin for Zendesk.

Pipedrive and Zendesk integration

The integration costs $3/per agent, per month. With this integration you will be able to view  Organizations, People, Deal and Activity data within Zendesk. However the data itself is not actually synchronized and therefore tickets cannot be attached to an Organization which might exist already in Pipedrive.


I wrote a Python script called syncpipedrive.py which synchronizes Organizations and People form Pipedrive to Zendesk. This will make sure your Zendesk always an up to date copy of the Organizations and People data from Pipedrive. This will allow your Service Organization to create tickets and attach them to an existing Organizations.

To run the script, you’ll need to configure your credentials in config.json

How to find your  Zendesk API key?
How to find your Pipedrive API key?

After filling in the config.json, add the following script to a cronjob. Be sure to have config.json and syncpipedrive.py in the same folder otherwise it won’t find the configuration file.

All of the above is also available on my Github page.

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