Part 1 – vCloud Air OnDemand – Special Promo

As VMware vCloud Air gets more traction, I think it is time to look into it and provide some details around it. For the folks, who do not know what VMware vCloud Air is, vCloud Air is a public cloud platform fully integrated in your VMware vSphere environment.

vCloud Air currently supports over 5,000 application and more than 90 different Operating Systems. vCloud Air makes it easy to migrate your VMs from a vSphere environment to a public cloud or from a public cloud back to your local vSphere environment.

Looking at some blog post by VMware from August 2014, vCloud Air has 2x the compute power as Microsoft Azure and 3x the storage performance of AWS for less money.


The registration for vCloud Air is easy and takes only a few minutes. Click here to get to the sign-up page.
Note: Do not forget to use promo code “Influencer2015” for a free $500 instead of $300. This promo code works only for new vCloud Air users.

For further information, checkout the vCloud Air website.

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