Speed Up Your Horizon View Operations

How to speed up your Horizon View operations, you might ask? Well, you don’t have to buy an all-flash storage system or beef up your ESX hosts.

VMware Horizon View Administrator has some settings on max concurrent operations with vCenter and VMware View Composer. Increasing some of those settings can decrease the time of those operations, however when decreasing those settings, you can limit the amount of IOPs pushed to your underlying storage system, too.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 5.22.46 PM

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Cannot Connect To VMware Horizon Connection Server

The last couple of days, I’ve spend with deploying a small VDI setup in my home lab and get it up and running.
After painful hours of setting up a Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, VMware Horizon Connection Server and Horizon Composer Server, I thought I am all ready to get connect to my amazingly slow VDI desktops, sitting on 7200RPM spindles.

I tried connecting with my VMware Horizon Client to my Connection Server and I was welcomed by a non-impressive error message: Error: Unable to resolve server address: nodename nor servername provided, or not known

One would think, this message means one of the following:

  • Wrong IP/DNS name provided
  • Some service is not running
  • Something is seriously screwed up

After doing some research on the error, I was able to resolve it by unchecking: Use Secure Tunnel connection to desktop