Cannot Connect To VMware Horizon Connection Server

The last couple of days, I’ve spend with deploying a small VDI setup in my home lab and get it up and running.
After painful hours of setting up a Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, VMware Horizon Connection Server and Horizon Composer Server, I thought I am all ready to get connect to my amazingly slow VDI desktops, sitting on 7200RPM spindles.

I tried connecting with my VMware Horizon Client to my Connection Server and I was welcomed by a non-impressive error message: Error: Unable to resolve server address: nodename nor servername provided, or not known

One would think, this message means one of the following:

  • Wrong IP/DNS name provided
  • Some service is not running
  • Something is seriously screwed up

After doing some research on the error, I was able to resolve it by unchecking: Use Secure Tunnel connection to desktop


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