Top VMworld 2016 Sessions by Category

The content catalog for this year’s VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas has just been announced.
Even tho the content catalog has been published, the schedule builder won’t be available until July 19th 2016.

Below is a list of sessions which looked very interesting and promising. There are more than 500 sessions available and below are my top sessions.

SDDC – Software Defined Data Center

STO7650 – Software Defined Storage @ VMware Primer
INF8255 – vSphere API 101 – Harnessing the power for the everyday Admin
INF8108 – vCenter Performance Deep Dive
STO9617 – Containers & VVols – a technical deep dive on new technologies that revolutionize storage for vSphere
STO8164 – Benchmarking VAIO-Integrated Caching. Is it Really Faster? How Much, and Why?

Hybrid Cloud

HBC7700 – Disaster Recovery in the Cloud with VMware Availability
HBC9814 – Building and Enabling a Hybrid Cloud with vCloud Director – A Perspective for Service Providers
HBC8289 – Designing a Business Continuity solution in the Cloud

Developer Operations

CNA7741 – Zero to Photon Platform in a Day
CNA8578 – VMware Private Cloud & Containers in production – lessons learned from a real-world deployment at retailer Otto
CNA8717 – Run Docker containers. In production. Today!
CNA7454 – Give your developers the Container Service (CaaS) they are asking for

End-User-Computing (VDI)

EUC8243 – Troubleshooting 101 for Horizon
EUC9217 – On-premises workloads with cloud-based management: Technical Deep-dive into Horizon Air Hybrid-mode
EUC8203 – Beyond the Marketing: Horizon Instant Clones Deep Dive

Technology Features

CTO8519 – Best of both worlds: Achieving ultra-low VM network latencies and extreme bandwidth without compromise
CTO8856 – vSphere Encryption Deep Dive  – Technology Preview


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