Distributed Switch – Port Group Properties


Configuring a Distributed Switch can be a pain, especially if you do it for the first time after using a virtual switch. A virtual switch is mostly used in smaller environment with only a few ESXi hosts. Once you expand into 10+ ESXi hosts, you want to use a Distributed Switch to cut down the time it takes to configure an ESXi host and enhance the manageability of the ESXi networking component.

However, with configuring a Distributed Switch, you also get a whole new range of configuration options for the port groups. Below is the list of the options and what they mean:

Option Setting Description
Port binding Static binding Assign a port to a virtual machine when the virtual machine connects to the port group
Dynamic binding ( < ESXi 5.0) Assign a port to a virtual machine once it powers on for the first time.
Ephemeral No port binding
Port allocation Elastic When all ports are assigned, additional eight ports will be created.
Fixed When all ports are assigned, no additional ports will be created
Network resource pool If you created a network resource pool, select it here. If you didn’t create one, the drop-down will be empty

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